The Cape Town World Music Festival, newly-named the Cape Town Nu World Festival, will bring a taste of Africa to Cape Town City Hall on Mandela Day weekend – 17th and 18th July 2015, it’s third year. The two day music festival will offer event-goers a unique experience, which will inspire, unite and educate by representing South Africa (and beyond) in a journey of musical discovery.

Dividing Line


  • ArtistPics_940x940-SpoekVsSpoko

    Spoek VS Spoko

    Raised in the rural town of Tzaneen in northern South Africa, where he says “there was no first or third class—all the same.” Spoko started producing on a PC at age 12, after moving to Atteridgeville, a township outside the mostly white city of Pretoria – to find his father. They lived in an area […]

  • NativeYoung

    Native Young

    When asked how he would describe Native Young, songwriter and frontman Yannick says, “It’s a constantly evolving tapestry of culture, emotion and melody”. Formed in the garage of a Gugulethu marimba maker in 2014 – these are the new kids on the block that are blurring lines and breaking cultural barriers through their own distinct […]

  • Elomotho

    Elemotho (Namibia)

    Elemotho is the first
Namibian musician to win
the RFI-France 24
Discoveries Awards-
2012, among a list of more
than 500 African, Indian
and Pacific artists. With a
third album to his name,
Ke Nako (its time), this
hard working artist has
taken his new sound of the
Kalahari everywhere from
Accra, Addis Ababa, Dakar,
Antananarivo, Khartoum,
Cotonou to name some of
the cities Elemotho has
crazed with his powerful
and poetic […]



‘Wild & Wise’ will be the theme for this year’s festival. This interesting juxtaposition of old & new, of the knowing & naïve, will bring some exciting collaborations; pairing local music legends with fresh, up-and-coming artists. The Cape Town Nu World Festival 2015 is set to offer event-goers a unique, culturally diverse, socially inclusive and proudly African musical experience.

The event will run over two evenings on 17th and 18th July. Three different stages will cater to the diverse audience - a seated stage for more intimate performances, a main arena for larger acts, and a late night DJ stage playing beats from all over Africa and the world. The festival will also host a number of TED-style talks and a yet to be revealed programme of workshops & fringe events set to take place all over the city.